One of the major problems that are faced by Taylor’s University Lakeside campus students is parking lot. They not only have limited parking lots but the distance between Taylor’s building and the parking lot is rather far. As students start their lecturer at different time, hence those come late to the University will face problem in finding parking lot. Even they have found a parking lot; they still have to walk from the parking bay which is quite a distance from the campus building.

Apart from that, students have to pay RM 3 to park at certain areas. After 10am, if the staff parking has empty slots, students can park their car at the staff parking lot as long they have parking sticker on the car. They can apply the parking sticker at student life centre. Since Taylors does not have sufficient parking lots, some students would park their car at the roadside. Most of the time, student’s car would get clamped.

For your information, Taylor’s University has two entrances. The main entrance is opened to anyone. The second entrance (back entrance) is only opened for Bandar Sunway PJS7 residents and those who take Rapid KL bus to the school.

I do not know how come some of the Taylor’s students manage to get the access card for the back entrance. Maybe they use a fake bus ticket to apply the access card in student central? (If you one of the resident, you will get what I mean) Since there are a lot of empty parking slots in Bandar Sunway PJS7 housing area, Taylor’s student like to park their car over there due to the short distance between the parking lot and the campus building.

Since Taylor’s students often park their car at inappropriate places, the Bandar Sunway PJS7 community came out with “parking-system” recently. They even paint the parking lot by their self. Any students who park their car in this housing area will be charge RM3 per entry. Usually two Indian men will sit and wait for the students to approach them and rather rude to the students while collecting the payment.

Sometimes I wonder whether Taylor’s students know how to read signboards or not. My English is not good (=P) but at least I still can read and understand.

My suggestion is.. I suggest you guys park your car inside the Taylor’s University. Since a lot of students car get scratches. Including mine even though I stay there =(

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