Last month, I went to the KLCC Post Office to renew my license. I was quite surprised. The services were very efficient. I get my new driving license within less than 10 minutes. Good job.

Tips: Keep your old driving  license. Use it whenever you have to give your drivers license to the security guard. In that case, your driving license will maintain new.

How to renew your driving license?
•  Go to your nearest JPJ branch / Post office ( /
•  Get your Q Number for the counter
•  Present your IC, indicates renewal durations (1/ 2/ 5 years).
•  Make an immediate payment at the counter.
•  They will issue a slip -do submit the slip to the respective counter.
•  Wait for your name to be called
•  Your new driving license will be ready in 10 minutes.

How much?
•  RM30/year.

Where to renew?
•  JPJ branch (
•  Post office (

What to bring?
•  Malaysia ID (IC)
•  Cash