When GOD create this world, he has balance everything. Good & bad, Pretty & ugly, Rich & poor and so on. Today, God has give me 1 more opportunity for me to think about my life. Did I satisfied with my life? How lucky am I? Today I went to Sri Ragavendra Old Folks Home to have a nice memory with them. The trip has been organize by SRC (student representative council) of Nilai University College. I and my friends has join the trip. We went to college at 12.30 noon when we all like want to die since we didn’t have any breakfast before we went to college. So, 3 of us bought a breakfast at canteen.

The SRC member with the president of Sri Ragavendra Old Folks Home

Before we went to seremban, we help some to the SRC member for carry the stuff from SRC room to the bus.

We had our breakfast inside the bus. I & Edmund had Hi Fibre sandwich with Egg Cheese that cost us at RM1.80. We also had Ham Egg sandwich that cost at RM3.00. My housemate had Hi Fibre Tuna Cheese that cost her RM2.70

We play True or Dare inside bus when end up got 2 loser.
1st: Edmund= Dare (kiss jhonathan)
2nd: Emily= True (history of her love life)

After almost 45 minute journey, we reach to the destination. This is the house where all of them are staying.
The house & the sign board of the Old Folks Home.

They also have “mini zoo & park”

This is where they spend their free time.

I had been informed that the Sri Ragavendra Old Folks Home has been establish for almost ten years. He is the President of Sri Ragavendra old Folks Home.

Some of the activity that we had. Lets the pictures talks:

Tips: For those who want organize charity event, I have some tips for you.

1: Survey the place that you want to go and what the stuff they need. So, you will know what the stuff that they need it such as mattress or food.
2: Prepare some of activity when you go for the charity such as game and clean their house.
3: The purpose to visit old folks home is not only for do charity but also entertain them. So, please don’t have a lot people who snap the picture like you went to museum or shopping. Assign 1 person for in charge as photographer.

For those who want do donation, you all can contact:

H/P: 019-6618002

No. 10 Jalan Seng Meng Lee (Limbok Atas),
70200 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus.
Tel & Fax: 06-763 2671