I just back from the National Geographic product review at Lot 10. Thanks to Rebecca for the invitation. For those who do not know, National Geographic Kuala Lumpur store is not only offer exclusive product but also a cafe with the high speed connection for the guest who visit their outlet.

When talk about National Geographic, it is easy to know what they have. The store features a wide range of educational materials, documentaries of adventure and exploration of nature. This is one of the way where people interested to gain more knowledge.

I had visit to their outlet at Vivo City Singapore and guess what? They have awesome camera bag. I plan to buy it at Malaysia and unfortunately the Kuala Lumpur outlet do not have the stock.

Actually, the Kuala Lumpur outlet is a joint venture between YTL Corporate Berhad abd Worldwide Retail Store S.L.

How big the outlet?
Occupying 4, 843 square feet (450 square meters). Not only that, if you want to try some Spanish cuisine, this is the place.

The product that highlighted are:

National Geographic apparel
If you wondering what is the explorer gear, international gear and rugged gear, you might want to drop by National Geographic Kuala Lumpur.

National Geographic furniture
You need something interesting that can fill up your boring house? They have the answer.

National Geographic kids
What else is a perfect gift for a kids other than toys? The answer is toys! What type of toys is the one make it differences. There have a lot of toys that can educate kids and at the same time let them learn a lot of things.

National Geographic globes
Not only a normal globe but it is came out with the some interesting light features. With the light off, you see country boundaries, cities and more. With the light on, you see the physical world in hand-drawn relief.

National Geographic stationery
Looking for something that can help you to organize your daily life and what is going on around you? They have the answer.

National Geographic bags
It is a perfect kit for any professional where they have a lot of great range outdoor gear and all the bags are waterproof.

From my observation, the product that sold is a little bit expensive. This is what people call what you pay is what you get. Quality stuff come with the price.

So, what else you waiting for?
Have you found and perfect gift for someone that special for you?
If not, drop by the National Geographic outlet now!

National Geographic Store,
T16 & T17 3rd Floor,
Lot 10 Shopping Centre,
50, Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur