Still remember my previous visit for their Christmas promotion? HERE!
Yes, this time I was collaborate again with Nagomi to organize a food review with 15 bloggers and of course to try their new menu. What else if not Chinese New Year and Valentine set promotion.

Talking about Valentine celebration, I do not have anybody to celebrate with. So, does it mean I can’t celebrate? As long I celebrate it with my cute tummy, I believe it will be a great valentine dinner.

For those who haven’t plan your special day, why not you guys try Nagomi?

To be honest, the 1st thing that I want to eat is their prawn. I wish they use lobster. They told me that they do not want use lobster because the good lobster is hard to get. How sad it is. For me, what attracted me was bento portion itself. It is big!

Love Sushi Roll (Love Shape Sushi with Strawberry and Avocado). The unique of the sushi is because of the love shape design. Not only that, this is also my 1st time try sushi + avocado + strawberry. The mixture of sweet and sour from the sushi.

Rose Shape Sashimi (Combination of Salmon and Tuna Sashimi topping with Tobiko). What is the best sashimi? For me, the answer are: Thick, huge and fresh. Not only that, they even added tobiko on top of it. Somemore it is love shape.

King Prawn with White Sauce (Grilled King Prawn with White Sauce). 1 word only. AWESOME. I love huge & fat prawn. I wish they put more cheese XP

For me, to make a soba taste better it’s depends on the sauce. At first, I do not know that the sauce was meant for the salad. Since I am too hungry, I mixed it with everything including the soft shell crab.

Soba Soft Shell Crab Salada (Soft Shell Crab Salada serve with Buckwheat Noodle). So far, the best soft shell crab that I tried is Pasta Zanmai soft shell crab. Nagomi soft shell crab not bad as well. Like other soft shell crab, this soft shell crab was deep fried and it really crispy and full of flavor. For those who are soft shell crab, you might realize that some of the soft shell crab that sold at other stall might too oily.

How about Suzuki Senbei (Home-made Seabass Crispy Cracker)? I like it very much. It’s remind me to salmon skin that normally I buy when I drop by iSetan. To make it the taste better, you must squeeze the lime/lemon that comes with it and you’re in for a treat.

Chocolate Cheese Brownie (from sister company – Dessert’s Bar Cafe)
I am not really fancy for Chocolate, so yeah I not really have comment on it.

Every bento comes with:
Soba Soft Shell Crab Salada (Soft Shell Crab Salada serve with Buckwheat Noodle)
Rose Shape Sashimi (Combination of Salmon & Tuna Sashimi topping with Tobiko)
Suzuki Senbei (Home-made Seabass Crispy Cracker)
Love Sushi Roll (Love Shape Sushi with Strawberry & Avocado)
King Prawn with White Sauce (Grilled King Prawn with White Sauce)
Chocolate Cheese Brownie (from sister company – Dessert’s Bar Cafe)

Chinese New Year Sashimi Yee Sang

For those who do not know, this is my first time to try Japanese Sashimi Yee Sang! The unique of the Yee Sang is they use 4 kinds of Sashimi (Salmon. Tuna, Amberjack & Sea bass) with our Home-made sauce and Freshly made ingredients. Not only that, Nagomi also replaced the usual “keropok” with cornflakes.

To be honest, let me give you a suggestion. The portion is DAMN BIG!
I do not think that I could able to finish it with Andrew (2pax set). I will definitely find another 2 of my friend to help us finish it.

The price of it it’s worth. Why I say so? Can you see the Sashimi that comes together?
RM48++ (2 pax)
RM88++ (6 pax)

This is my 1st “Loh Sang” of 2011
I hope I can get more $$ during Chinese New Year instead of I spend it on shopping *feel that I’m the one who celebrate it LOL*

Happy Chinese New Year & Valentines Day!

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Lover’s Bento

Available from:
Lover’s Bento: 11th Feb – 14th Feb 2011.
CNY Sashimi Yee Sang: Available from now until 20th February.

Available outlets:

Nagomi Japanese Restaurant @ Jaya33
03-7956 2330

Nagomi Japanese Restaurant @ Menara Hap Seng
03-2141 6332

*Take away is available.


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Nagomi CNY Tentcard