Talking about Christmas dinner, the 1st thing came into my mind is… Turkey. When first time I receive the invitation, I just wondering how the Japanese turkey will looks like. Looking at the menu itself, I could not able to find any Turkey as the main dish but they have a chicken as the main dish.

Japanese meal for Christmas celebration? I never try it before. So why not I give myself try? I manage to ignore the tradition Christmas = Turkey, I really excited to try the Nagomi Japanese Restaurant latest promotion. It is Master Chef’s Christmas 6-Course Enchantment.

When talk about Nagomi, the 1st things came into my mind is shabu-shabu or some steamboat stuff. From the menu that they send to me, I could not able to find any steamboat dish in my menu.

No need talk about the Nagomi restaurant environment, they are like some other Japanese restaurant with the cosy and comfortable place to dine. Cleanliness, good service and guest satisfaction is always their main concern.

Some info regarding The Master Chef – Ikuo Tanabe “The Magic Hand”

Inarguably one of the most renowned Japanese chefs in the country, Mr.Tanabe came to Malaysia in 1974 to take the position as head chef in Hotel Equatorial. He was entrusted with planning and running perhaps the first fine dining Japanese restaurant in the country, Daikoku, or known as Kampachi today. Over the last 34 years of his career, Mr. Tanabe had trained and imparted skills in culinary art to many chefs who now helm the scores of popular Japanese restaurant or prominent hotels in the Klang Valley, Australia, UK and the USA.

Mr. Tanabe has a vast experience in making all kinds of Japanese cuisine, focusing on food quality and delicacy of presentation in his dishes. His strong skills in creativity and innovation have earned him a reputation for his excellence and quality in Japanese cuisine.


Foie Gras Caviar
Delicately Presented Goose Liver Served with Crispy French Baguette

The purpose of the glasses is to maintain the aroma of the food and also to maintain the food temperature. For your info, you can use the glass to drink your red wine too. You can see the thicknesses of smoked salmon on the top and the goose liver served with crispy french baguette.


Salmon Carpaccio
Thinly Slice Salmon Sashimi Marinates in Delicious Balsamico Sauce

Who do not like sashimi? When it comes to Japanese Restaurant, sashimi is the must-eat-food in list. At first, I thought it will be 3 slices of sashimi and some sauce. Obviously it is not enough for me. Guess what? This thinly slice salmon sashimi is really awesome. Marinates with the balsamico sauce is just a perfect combination.


Asari Potato Kurimu Shiru
Mouth-watering Soup of Fresh Sea Clams, Asparagus & Potato

Compare with other dishes, this is the only one that I could not able to finish it but I manage to finish the sea clams. It is not because the taste is bad but I want to save my stomach space. I hope they can blend it well since every time I drink it, there will have some asparagus skin stuck on my mouth.


Tori No Karashi Yaki
Scrumptiously Chicken Drum Stick Grilled to Perfection with Flattering Mustard Cream

When the food reach to my table, the 1st thing came into my mind is why they put bread on the top of chicken? Actually it is not a bread. It is a foamy egg white was topped on the chicken. Cool huh? Can you see the chicken drum stick? Yes, it is not too salty and it is grilled with flattering mustard cream. On the top of foamy egg? It is just a grapes in order to make the food not to plain and at least you have some sweetness on your dish.


Sushi Cake
Chef Special Concoction of Maguro, Scallop, Fruits, Vegetables & Sushi Rice

Sushi cake? I just wondering should I buy this cake for my friend birthday? Since Meon told me that they have a client who organize birthday party and made a special request for the huge size of sushi cake. Hmmm….. good idea right? I should try it one day.

It is a chef special concoction of maguro, scallop, fruits, vegetables & sushi rice. It comes along with 3 dipping sauce. Egg and vinegar (yellow), Seaweed (black) and Sour Plum (orange). Try to combine it, it will be awesome!


An Epitome of Dessert
A Delightful Dessert of Mixed Fruit Jelly with Japanese Almond Tofu

A delightful dessert of mixed fruit jelly with Japanese almond tofu. Try to scoop it from bottom to top. The taste will be better.

Mochi anyone?

How you end your Japanese cuisine?
For me, 1 glass of sakae should be enough.

Pssstttt… A glass of Red/White wine to set you into the mood for your Christmas temptation

Meon, Andy and Debbie.

Thanks for the invitation and guess what? This is my first time laugh all the time during my food review. You guys rocks!

Visit Nagomi Website HERE!

RM128++ per person

Available from 1st December – 26th December 2010
*Prior Reservation is required.

Available outlets:

Kin Shui Tei Japanese Fine Dining@Tropicana Golf & Country Resort
03-7804 2079/ 03-7804 8888 ext 315

Nagomi Japanese Restaurant @ Jaya33
03-7956 2330

Nagomi Japanese Restaurant @ Menara Hap Seng
03-2141 6332

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