Still remember my previous experience to be part of the My Selangor Story?

I believe that you guys know how the event is going on from the blogger view point. How about the organizer view point? Below is the latest interview by TV Selangor.

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My previous experience:

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For those who do not know, at first I plan to join the trip until Sunday and would not join the Monday and Tuesday trip. Since the reason that what My Selangor Story think and choose the blogger to be part of the trip is same with what I think, I felt that I must be part of it. Previously, some people ask me why they choose us. Who are the top 30 blogger that will represent My Selangor Story to tell their story during the tour? I told them to refer with My Selangor Story homepage. Some of people might think that some of us do not have value in blogging. Yes! I am one of them. I just a small potato hides inside the basket. So, what is the reason why all of us (30bloggers) are part of the trip? Ask me next time when you meet me.

Every book has their ending and every chapter has their own highlight. It is same goes to my story as well. On the 1st day, my journey started from skypark to the city of the light that known as i-City and standard “pasar malam” at Shah Alam Uptown.

Following the next day where, 2nd day I had graduate from “School of Hard Knock”. Not only that, I receive VVIP treatment from Genting Highland and at the same time honoured to have lunch with YB Elizabeth Wong and Dato’ Yeo. And at night receive privilege to watch DAZZLE at the first row and snap some photo during the performance.

Proceed to the 3rd day, I manage to tour one of the famous temple and fresh environment at Kanching WaterFalls. Not only that, peaceful lifestyle is always suitable with me and it is really gave me hometown feeling. How about night time? It is really awesome when I able to experience find the fireflies and enjoying a huge satay.

For me, spend so much time play around and travel all the ways also not really good. So the 4th day, I manage to grab some rest and complete my assignment where I was been given an opportunity to relax a little bit at Sunway Tower Hotel and before continuing my tour to Tropicana Medical Centre on the next day. Holiday is still holiday, so I do not want regret by not join the rest blogger have fun at Sunway Lagoon and of course have a nice dinner at Look Out Point.

Day5? Some people might ask me in twitter why all the blogger went to Tropicana Medical Centre. I manage to have fun at Sunway Lagoon and of course awesome dinner at Haven Restaurant at Ampang Look Out Point!

Till then… I love all of you #mss blogger.