I do not know how to start this blog post. What I know is, I started press my keyboard button. Actually I do not know when I start close with him. Okay, I know it is looks like gay. LOL

The reason I wrote this blog post because he deserve it. Recently, a lot people like to pretend nice with other people but actually they are not. So, I would like to share with my readers some of my buddy. I will feature more my buddy in my next post. For now, let me start with this Ampang boy… Jason

First of all, I believe for those who in the Advertlets know him right? He is the person that give out all the passes for the Advertlets event. His job is a blogger relationship. Actually, one of the reason that I scare regarding other people perception. Some people might saying that I take granted on him. Some people might saying that I close with him because I want the event passes. Well, if got people think like that I advise them to know him first. He know how to work as professional.

How do I know him? Do you still remember my 3rd food review that I organize back 2 years a go? Check it out, HERE! As usual he came late. Haha but now he changed… hmm 😉 .. I forgot how I get close with him… Anybody can tell? Really appreciate XP

Why I said he really nice? I seldom drive my own car to the event and normally I will park at his condo and follow him to the event. Due to budget. Sometime I share with him the expenses such as toll and petrol but mostly he pay everything. I felt so bad. Nevermind, after I pay all my debt, I treat u go Genting for chilling. All under me. I promise … (should be by this year ^^)

Other than that, he also help me a lot in photography. We come out with something soon. If you thinking of to hire a good photographer but do not have a lot of budget, let me know. I will intro him to you or you can directly contact him. I learn a lot and improve my skill as well. Not only that, I manage to earn some income when I work under him in photography line.

He also a good middle man. Why I say so? You can share your problem and he quite good in give advise. Maybe because he experience it by himself before 😉 .. What else can I talk about him? Actually a lot. Since my writing skill is not really good, I suggest you know him first and I believe that you would not regret.

Nah… Kiasu punya orang XP

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Jason Ong