Personally I would say I do love my current workstation. It’s not that big or small but it just perfect for me to do my work. I’m planning to add on few IPTV / CCTV below the shelves (will attach LED monitor) so that I can monitor entire studio & outside the studio without I need to move myself.
I just need few more upgrade on my PC. Just few… just motherboard, processor, RAM DDR4 & graphic card… That will cost me around 4K hahahaha
This is my new obsess. #Overwatch #FTW
I has been using Dell monitor ever since I run my own production house. Almost 10 years and this little boy over here is for my second monitor since my main monitor starting giving some issue. Since I spend most of my time meetings and shooting, I do need a proper bag. Fallen in love with this lovely blue bag. Just nice to keep my Macbook & files.
I wanted to get a proper gaming mouse and my previous Razer mouse is dead long time a go. So, I go for Logitech G602.
I think, it’s not bad for the beginner right? Add me at
Oh hello there. New printer & Thermaltake casing.

Anyone have suggestion for a better fan?