Last two weeks, I just won my 1st big tender of the year (okay I know where you looking at.. I cannot skip my gym training anymore). I have been preparing the proposal for the past few days and yes… I do not have enough sleep. I never thought of writing this blog post but recently a lot of people that I met has asking me how I can success and balance my working life and study life. I am not saying that I am really success but I has improve to the good things. For me, I still have not get what I want and it is not greedy but I want to achieve better life. Recently I felt that my life has change to better life. Maybe because I have met my lucky star =)
I am not good in talk about religious but I would like to share a little bit that what I have done to make myself better… Insyaallah…
1 – Intention
Everything started with intention. If your intention is good everything will goes smoothly. For example when you just about want to step out from your house to go college, tell yourself and you must have good intention such as you want to study and get a knowledge. Insyaallah you will get what you want.
2 – Root
Everything in this world have a base. If your base/root is wrong, the whole things gonna fall. Imagine if your house do not have a proper and strong base, your house gonna destroyed. Make sure your root is correct means that what you want to do is must be a good things. If you have a wrong root, you would not get the result that you want or you might even fail it.
3 – Pray
Everyone have their own religious believe. Make sure we do not forget to ask for his bless because he make us alive in this world and he also the one that can make us die anytime soon. Means that he can do whatever he want towards us.
4 – Gratitude
Everything that happen in our life, you must “Syukur” because it is better than “Redha” (pleased). Once you “Syukur”, it will automatically “Redha”. Even though bad things happen to you, you still need to “Syukur”. Let me give an example, you have an accident and you must “Syukur” at least you not die. Believe me, you will fell better.
5 – Alms
Just have in your mind set the more you give people, people will give you more than what you gave. If you help people, people will help you back. Never ever in history where people who “Sedekah” will poor. At least smile with other people because smile is also consider “Sedekah”. You can join our community project or monthly Feed the Poor project HERE!
6 – Friends
Friend with people who are what we call as friend. If you friend with bad people, you might be one of them. Just put in easy terms, if you hang out with someone who sell perfume, you will smell good.
7 – Positive thinking
Always have positive thinking because it is will help you to think properly and be better. Of course when talk about business you must think about negative as well but do not let the negative overcome positive.
Share with me what is your key to success =)
There is still have a lot of way how to success. If god willing, I will share more tips in future.