Last Saturday, I went to Vogue Club, Plaza Mont Kiara. Since that day is a farewell party for Ellie a.k.a. MissyCheerio all of her blogger friend went to celebrate the farewell party. Unfortunately, I have engagement photoshoot on the next day and I need to be at Ipoh by 6am in the morning. Since I need leave KL by 10pm, I went off early.

Dear Ellie, please do not forget me when you go Australia… Please.. Please.. *puppy eyes*
Please take care yourself and I believe that we can always meet up again after you done everything in Australia. This is not the end of our relationship and thanks to technology, we can still chat through twitter etc…

Taylor Swift – Back To December (Threeminutenights & MissyCheerio cover)

MissyCheerio and me!

We love you Ellie!