Everybody have their own mission in their life. For me, my mission before I graduate from Nilai University College is to get a few things with my own ability.

HDD: I need a new hard disk with the big capacity to support my document and data since I have a lot picture, video and software. See my hard disk =.=”

LAPTOP: Since right now I’m using desktop, I need a notebook that can make my life easy to do all my work such as blogging since right now I fall in love with blog world. Normally if I went to “lepak” and study at Starbucks or library, I will borrow my friend laptop.

DSLR: Some of people have asking me how come my quality of the picture sometime good and sometime bad. For your info, I’m using N95 8GB for taking picture since I start blogging. So, I need DSLR camera to improve my picture quality and snap a sweet memory in my life.

FOOD: Last but not least, I have a few more restaurants around Nilai that I haven’t complete to review their speciality. Once I graduate and leave Nilai, I will leave without regret if I complete discover all their speciality.

So, I have done a lot things to make my mission accomplish such as work part time. So, in 10 month, I need to do a lot of job to make my dream come true. So, for those who have job vacancy please let me know. I really appreciated. My goal is when 2010 start, all my mission are accomplish.