Yesterday, Advertlets blogger went to Miss Universe Malaysia 2011 & 2012 press conference at 1 World Hotel. Thanks Advertlets for the invitation.

For those who do not know, Advertlets was the Online Media Partner of Miss Universe Malaysia 2010. You can check it out Here, Here, Here and Here.

Some people might ask me why 2011 and 2012? Kiasu meh? LOL

It is all about the continued evolution of Miss Universe Malaysia… *sounds complicated*

What is the big changes for Miss Universe Malaysia: 2012 onwards?

“The search for the 2012 candidate will begin in February 2011 through a national road show, a reality television program and casting calls that will be held nationwide”

The Reality Television format in particular is a key part of the challenges being done as it lends itself perfectly to the pageant, placing the girls under extreme pressure similar to that at the international Miss Universe pageant.

“We are going to crown our Miss Universe Malaysia winners one year in advance” revealed Andrea.

Can you spot Sarah Yap the Finalist of Miss Universe Malaysia 2010?

Yes, Hans Isaac who one of the judges for Miss Universe Malaysia 2010 also attend the press conference.

Q&A: Andrea Fonseka & Hans Isaac

I don’t like stand or take picture beside someone who taller than me. I felt like alien *puppy eyes*

Andrea Fonseka National Director of Miss Universe Malaysia Organization
Vera Hui: 2nd Runner Up of Miss Universe Malaysia 2010
Sarah Yap: Finalist of Miss Universe Malaysia 2010.

From left: Wilson, Josh, Magdeline, Andrea Fonseka (pageant director), Sarah Yap (finalist, Miss Universe Malaysia 2010), Vera Hui (2nd runner up, Miss Unverse Malaysia 2010), Eugenie Chan (part of the Miss Universe Malaysia team), Jason Ong, Yusof Ismail, Feeq.

Say hi to new Advertlets blogger Magdeline & Ariel

Somehow I like this shot 😉