Guess what?
Sunway’s is the top 10 destinations in the world which have enjoyed a positive growth in tourist numbers. Yes! I am proud of it since I stay at Sunway and study at Sunway.

Last week, there have a Minister of Tourism Lights Sunway’s Toyland Show Lights which is it involve almost more than 2 kilometre long festive show lights which has been created and specially designed to welcome the thousand of visitors expected to visit the Sunway Integrated Resort City at the end of the year.

Pssttt…. there have a good news where beside the month – long activities, New Year revelers can also look forward to ending 2010 with a bang and usher in 2011 in style in the integrated Resort City.

There will have a fireworks, carnival street party and of course a bevy of beauties will also join in the celebration at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa at the Miss Tourism International Pageant World Final 2010.

For those who do not know, this is the 6th year that the 30-acre Integrated City is going all out by putting up it’s iconic RM3 million, 2-Kilometre long show lights to welcome the year-end tourists for the festive season, school holidays and the Malaysia Year End Sale.

Sunway Pyramid will also be contributing to the launch of it’s SOS campaign which will contribute to nine unfortunate families of various background comprising of the disabled, blind and poor. Each member of the families have written down what they need most on wishing cards which have been hung on a Wishing Tree.

Shoppers who are interested can take a look at the list and grant one or more wishes. They can also show their support by placing their signatures in return for a donation by Sunway Pyramid for every signature collected until January 2.

#1 Christmas cheer dance.

#2 Christmas cheer dance.

The VIP went to Sunway’s Toyland and had a Mini Tour.

Toy land anyone?
That is not the actual Toyland. Since I do not have an opportunity to visit Toyland, I believe it will be great since the decoration already awesome!

Some of awesome Sunway’s Christmas decoration. If you feel want see it and take picture of it, just drop by to Sunway ya. Give me a call if you want hang out or grab some dinner together.






All the media invited to have a dinner at Italian restaurant. Means that will be my early Christmas dinner!

#1 Food

#2 Food

#3 Food

Yes… Nice right the food?

Tell me what is the most gift that you want.
Maybe Santa Claus is reading my blog *summon hope*