Part 3:

To his horror, Google Maps showed the GALAXY Tab 7.7 was located at his very own HQ! This was after he logged into his computer in search for his GALAXY Tab 7.7. His mind began to stray on possibilities on how could have this happened. The HQ is located at Singapore and he is currently in hotel room in Kuala Lumpur.Since the GALAXY Tab 7.7 means a million bucks for him, he caught the next flight to HQ to retrieve his awesome device.

Samsung Tab M1
Part 1:
Agent 7.7 woke up with a throbbing headache. Memories of last night’s events seemed hazy to him. All he remembers is the smoky bar and the last drink he had, before finding himself covered in cold sweat on the floor of his hotel room.  He searches around for his Galaxy Tab 7.7 but quickly discovers that it has gone missing! Suddenly, it all came back to him.

It all begins with the tips he gave to the stripper in the bar and in return the stripper feed him with a shot of tequila through the mouth and everything just gone haywire after that. Agent 7.7 tried really hard to remember what happened that night but the pain on his head is too much for him to handle so he decide to take another nap. As he walks to his room, he comes across a mirror and notices that there is a note stick on it written Call Me & <3 ~ 01X-XXXXXXX”

Part 2:

The moment that agent 7.7 saw the note that paste on the mirror, he remembered a little bit what’s going on that night. Even though it is still missing a puzzle but he remembered clearly that there’s something on his neck and then felt a stinging sensation on his neck, injected involuntarily, and went unconscious.

He decided to give a call and a lady pick up the call with sexy voice. He asked her what is going on and she told him that it is not convenience for them to speak through the phone since someone put voice detection in his mobile. She said that she left the clue in his room for him to find a meet up location. She hangs up the phone and agent 7.7 tries his best to find a clue…