I was doing my brand management assignment and I found this video. Since I need to do a research about how McDonald’s done a promotion. I believe that it has been removed and uploaded few times in the youtube. This is the latest McDonald’s beating video in 2011 that happen in New York’s Greenwich village. In this video, it is show that one of the McDonald’s cashier beating customers with a rod. According to the video, it is show that two female customers went over to the counter during an argument over their order.
According to the source, this video has made national news headlines since it is posted on YouTube last Thursday. The Rayon McIntosh (the cashier), was charged with felony assault charges and criminal possession of a weapon. The two women were charged with trespass and disorderly conduct. One of the women suffered a fractured skull and a broken arm in the incident
Some of the comment.
From my own point of view based on the video, McIntosh’s (cashier) is just try to defense himself. I believe that everyone should defense their self. However, McIntosh’s supposed to stop beat the female customer once they are totally down.
The moral of the story that I would like to share is the power of social media. This news has been created a lot of public attention through a YouTube’s and twitter channel. I believe that if nobody record it, it would not be attract a lot of public attention. Beware in what you do because you would not know when you are been judge or recorder.
Everyone have their own point of view. What do you think? Share with me your thoughts.

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