Invited to attend Masters of Rev-Up Graduation Day at Empire Hotel. Went there with Justin and Jeremy. I think that is my 1st time went to Empire hotel. What I can say is, I love their hotel toilet…

Yes, I am writing with my eyes almost want close. Now is 5.30am and I still awake. Still haven’t burn the photo where I need submit to #mss by afternoon and I just finish 2 proposal.

Thanks GOD!

Can see the crowd?

So basically on that day, is more like announce the winner of the Rev-Up contest.

Bump with other blogger as well and just some general advice for those who ffk. Please do not RSVP your name if you could not make it or at least inform the organizer or the person in charge that you not able to attend.

JJ from and Stand up comedian.

Just my point of view. Even you just a comedian, but please watch out what joke that you want to bring out. Observe your audience 1st before you create a joke. For me, your joke a little bit over since there have kids who attend on that day as well.

Some of the performance on that day:


Dance group

I forgot from which college.


Congrats to all the winner.

Woot woot.. Hot MyC Chicks!

Last but not least?
Like usual!