Yesterday went to MAS Traveller bloggers party at Tamarind NEO. Thanks to Advertlets and MAS for the invitation, Jason for the transportation & Azrin who become my photographer of the day.

Party is great but the food make me went to toilet for the whole night and I even stop at few petrol station and R&R just because my stomach damn pain. Went to clinic and the doctor said food poisoning. “Maybe” not MAS food got problem but… yesterday before I went to the event, the whole day I only ate mix rice once at KL LOL

What is going on? Actually we are celebrate the launch of I MAS Travel & the brand new MH Facebook App.

It is really great where I can meet up with a lot of bloggers from different company under 1 event 😉

Here are some people shots and check it out some of the photo. The rest, grab it from my Facebook HERE! (Help me to tag your friend ya)

#1 Play Sumo wrestling with Rames. I won! 3-1

#2 Hot Jojo

#3 Hmmm Looks like pimp…

#4 We camwhor!

#5 Check it out top blogger from Nuffnang 😉

I wish there is more blogger party like this where all bloggers can attend.
Advertlets + Nuffnang + Sirens Media = Awesome!