This year I was invited to attend MSMW by Ruby and thanks to Khairul Anuar for the delegate passes.
Malaysia Social Media Week (MSMW) 2015 has been held since 21st-25th April 2015 at Times Square Kuala Lumpur. This is the 4th year for MSSMW and it’s sponsored by the media partners that are renowned companies, brands and names viz. GrabCar, SocialMediaBeez, and many more.
There have misconception towards social media enthusiast, social media influencer or full time blogger work. We don’t really spend most of our time in front of a computer or go to the event for the coverage, but we do also attending a social media event that helps us to improve our knowledge and networking.
I still have to wake up at 6am and leave home at 6.30am to attend MSSMW 2015 but I never complain because I believe we still have to put the  effort in order for us to achieve what we want.
When I first start up my business few years back, I do not have a lot of budget to spend on marketing. Social media helps me to find new customers and expand my businesses. Social networks like Facebook allow small businesses to locate their current customers or seek out potential customers. For example, if you open a new coffee shop in the neighborhood, you can create a good search in Hootsuite to locate anyone tweeting about needing a morning cup of joe within your area. After locating those tweeting about coffee, you can start reaching out to them, and invite them to come try a hot bevvy at your new coffee shop.
I always believe that social media is an easy way to learn about your audience and at the same time social media can help to increase website traffic and search ranking. For businesses in any industry, the key to success is knowing your audience. 
After having quick breakfast @msmw_2015, everyone seems energized. @spinzer kick start the Combining Apps & a Social Media Campaign topic.
MSMW 2015 was attended by leading authorities from Malaysia, India, Singapore, Australia and other places in the world. There were more than 300 participants in MSMW. Kapil stated that in his view the key highlight of the conference was a session from Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad (the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia) in which he was talking about his views on the impact of Digital Media is adopted in Malaysia. In the session, he highlighted the need for moderating content available on internet for better impact on society.
Looking good Tun. Agreed with your statement; social media is like a knife. It can be good or bad for the society. Oh, one more thing. Please don’t censor the internet.
 With some familiar faces.

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