I still remember when is my last time went to the mini fun fair, 10 years back. Well, local people might call it fun fair, carnival, moving playground and some even call it as kid’s theme park. Few months back, I just moved to new studio located at C180 Balakong. Guess what? I found this fun fair nearby my studio. You don’t know how excited I am.


Like others amusement park, there are full with games, toys, food, and even “mini theme park”. I brought my friends from Singapore and he really excited with it. We spend quite sometime over there and the only one we did not enter is haunted house. Since he don’t really like scary stuff, we decided to avoid it.


Some shot from the top. I’m gonna pay a visit again over the weekend. Any of you wanna join me? Feel free to let me know. You know where to get me J


Guess what? All of the photos are taken with my new toy. It’s not a DSLR but just small tiny smart phone. It’s look kinda smart for low-light camera. I really satisfied with the outcome. When it comes to photography, I’m really picky with my toy and what can I say, this toy really awesome! Can anyone guess what phone is this?
I just had outdoor photoshooting last weekend and when all the photographers use DSLR, I choose to use my smart phone. Since its good in low light, I’m challenging myself to use it for outdoor photoshooting.

If you want to know what device that I talk about, submit to me your best night time photographs to (feeq_2009@hotmail.com). The best night time photographs will have opportunity to join me and my production house team to experience how I do model night photoshooting use my smart phone. Yup! You hear correctly! I will use a smart phone to do a model photoshooting during night time!


Well, if you want to find out more about the other pictures you can take with
this device, simply click on this link and take a guess on what device it
is..you may just win one too 🙂  https://www.facebook.com/NokiaMalaysia