Few days back, I accompanied my friend, Syaf to get a printer for herself. Then we went to Damansara Uptown for lunch, Salad Bar and it happened that the screw of her shades was loose.

Since she really loves shades, I remembered that my friend bought his shades at Malaya Optical. We decided to walk in an optical shop nearby, called Malaya Optical to fix it.

Let me tell you something. GUYS! If you happened to shopping with your friend (girl) or even your girlfriend, please bring something that you can play with. Lucky I bring my DSLR. Do you know why? Let me show you a formula. Girls + Shopping = Heaven. Guys + Accompany girls for a shopping = Hell :’)

Nah… Just kidding XP

For those who do not know, there are 4000++ optical stores and only about 400++ stores managed by an Optometrist. Which accounts to roughly 10% of the that have a qualified Professional Optometrist and Malaya Optical is have a qualified professional optometrist! All people should have periodic and thorough eye examinations as part of routine primary care, especially since many eye diseases are silent or asymptomatic.

Eye examinations by a qualified Professional Optometrist may detect potentially treatable blinding eye diseases, ocular manifestations of systematic disease or signs of tumors or other anomalies of the brain.

Malaya optical won a lot of awards including award from Johnson and Johnson Top Fitter Award on 2010.

While waiting for them to fix the shades, they served us with mineral water, as it was very hot day. So nice of them! Meanwhile, Syaf took a look at the shades displayed and decided to give them a try. After trying “few”, seems interested to get a new pair for her. The staff assisted her well and giving opinion on the designs that suit her.

Guess what? Some of the Malaya Optical clients includes miss Malaysia, celebrities, royalty, politicians and corporate figures. It is also has been featured in many top magazine and newspaper such as mStar, FHM, Malaysian Business Week, The Sun, Malaysian Tatler, Minguan Malaysia, August Man, etc…

This is where you can do the manual test to check your eyes. Yes! Since I damn bored to wait her choose her shades, I decided to “explore” the Malaya Optical by myself. You could not able to find this machine in other optical store. Malaya Optical provide a complete machine and services to protect your eyes.

– Basic Eye Examination
– Special Diagnostic Ocular Health Technique
– Special Investigation
-Basic Eye Examination for Regular Contact Lens Wearer
– Basic Eye Examination for New Contact Lens Wearer

While waiting for her, I also had the chance to check my eyes for free! According to them, there are only 2 of this machine in Malaysia. The machine was very impressive as it works automatically and result is very accurate. The machine known as Biomicroscopy Procedure!
It can examines the frontral structures and posterior segments of human eye
which includes the eyelid, sclera, conjunctiva, iris, natural crystalline lens and cornea.

They also had a lot of contact lens. How many contact lens that they have? Do not ask me. The picture do the talking XP

There were so many choices of brands and designs until she had a hard time deciding which suits her. After about 2 hours trying each of every shade in the shop, she had 3 pairs of shades that she really likes and suits her. After trying on the 3 pairs again, again and again, she finally fell in love with a pair of shades from Vivienne Westwood collection.

I asking Syaf why she really loves collecting shades and she inform me that because shades help to add style and it is part of accessories. Plus, shades help to filter light and they protect your eyes from the (UV) rays and long-term exposure to UV rays can lead to cataracts and skin cancer around the eyelids. Probably it is time for me to get a pair for myself. Plus, it has been very hot lately.

So much explanation… For me, shades make you looks cool =)

Guess how many shades that Syaf tried and how many that she bring back? 😉





The most “cool” French eyewear brand from Lafont that suit her =)



Yes, finally!
Do not ask me how much… What can I say is, you can get one iPad 1 =) Sometime money is not everything but looking good is really important and it is help her to improve her confidence and attract more guys 😉

When we about to leave the shop, we were so lucky to get to meet Ryan Ho who is the famous Malaysian Eyewear & Designer. Syaf was so excited to see him and she took few pictures with him. So, I guess you guys know why guys always be a photographer right? ^^

If you thinking of buying new shade or even to buy contact lens, why don’t you drop by the nearest Malaya Optical? Visit their website for more info.

Website: Malaya Optical
Facebook: Malaya Optical FB