Welcome to the family.

Recently, there have few new toy that join my photography family.
What is so cool about my new toy?

It is Lowepro Voyager C Camera Strap!
Yes! I am Lowepro fan!

Some of my latest new toy:
Canon 580EXII

I no need worry my neck will pain to hold my “light” DSLR anymore by hang it on my neck.
They have something like soft sponge. Haha I don’t know what it call.

I can put memory card on the straps so that I no need put in pocket. Since nowadays I lazy to bring my Lowepro 200aw and normally I just carry my camera without camera bag. So, the safe way is to put my memory card on the straps rather than I put in my pocket. Since I always put my wallet, coins, keys and mobile phone in my pocket.

Another thing is, it is some sort of “clip”. I can remove it anytime.

Right now I having my semester break until March 2011.
If you want to hire me as a photographer, you can reach me at feeq_2009@hotmail.com
Indoor and outdoor also can.
I also can provide a photo studio as well.