Did I tell you that I had another outdoor activity? After my lunch at Sepoi-Sepoi Cafe, I went to the smiley beach. Guess what? All of the bloggers had the opportunity to cycle and have a biking tour around the Malay villages and palm oil farms.
For those who do not know, Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort and Spa offers biking activity. It is one of the landsports that is highly recommended for those who love adventure. Not only you are able to get a cycling tour around the Malay villages and palm oil farms but if you are lucky, they will bring you to the crab farm (Advance Tour).
All of us were divided into two groups. At first I was in the 2nd group but since they have an extra slot for the 1st group, I managed to join the 1st group. So… this is the 1st group and we are ready to go!
Departure from Smiley Beach everyday.
Beginner Tour:
9.30am, 10.00am, 10.30am, 11.00am and 11.30am
Advance Tour:
2.00pm, 3.00pm, 4.00pm and 5.00pm
P/S: Please register yourself at the Beach Shack 10 minutes before the tour.
‘m ready to go!
If I’m not mistaken, the last time I ride a bicycle was 10 years ago. Luckily I still remember how to ride a bicycle.
What is the best thing about cycling around the Malay villages? This is the one way you can enjoy and experience the local wildlife, flora and fauna and cultures. Especially for those who has never been to village before. You would not feel tired because you are cycling in the group. It is more into enjoying the nature.
Since we are in the 1st group, we did not get the opportunity to go to crab farm. I heard that 2nd group went to crab farm. I believe it was be awesome!
These are some information about cycling. Most people know that cycling is related to our health and fitness. It is widely acknowledged that cycling is one of the best ways for people to achieve good health and fitness. According to research, people who cycle regularly live longer than those who do not and lead healthier lives. This simple fact means that cyclists cannot possibly be more vulnerable than the population at large to life-threatening injuries such as head injury.

My Selangor Story are really generous. They treat us ice cream!!! It is really great to have ice cream in the afternoon at the beach right after cycling around the Malay villages! ~ Life is just great =)
While waiting for the second group to come back, we had a Low Tide Tour. Thanks to Rosie who was our tour guide for the day.
Have you ever heard about Low Tide Tour? This is my first time and it is quite fun. One of the main objectives of Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort and Spa is to promote and create awareness about our environment. Since Golden Palm Tree is a strategic location for low tide activity, the management took the initiative to create this kind of program for their guests.
Low Tide Tour is where Golden Palm Tree guests are able to experience and discover for themselves the amazing low tide kingdom. The Golden Palm Tree prides themselves on activities that promote environmental awareness and require no fuel.
For those who do not know, one of the interesting things about Smiley beach during low tide is their small crabs and mudskippers. Unfortunately, I only found small crabs. This is what they call as Geramak or soldier crab. From far, it looks like a group of red ant and when I went there, all of them ran away from me and disappear. You can’t eat this kind of crab.
This is how the crab looks like when you go near them. They try to hide inside the sand. Any of you ever try to catch them? Tell me how it is ya.
If you go to smiley beach during the low tide, you can see a lot of small hole at the beach. That is because all the soldier crab went inside it to hide themselves.
Actually if you are lucky, you can see more than what I show in this blog post. You may get the chance to encounter a live “mudskipper”. For those who do not know what a mudskipper is, mudskippers are able to live both in water and on land, walking around on their pectoral fins.
Other than that, you may also get the chance to see “Belangkas” or known as King Crab. King Crab lives in sea salt and some fresh water swamps. You can catch crabs by the side of the beach. They’re known as “Belangkas” because they are usually found in shallow waters in pairs of a male and female. Proverbs from the Malay community, ‘Belangkas’ means men and women who move together into anywhere.
You may find “Pepahat” and “Kepah” too. Those who plan to go there, make sure you are able to find this 4 unique sea creatures and share it with me ya.
There is no such thing like shoes in the house.
Group photo with Rosie, the Low Tide Tour guide. Thanks Rosie for the trip and the information.
Well, this is what we call 1Benua Boy Band 😉
L-R: Hijrah, Tian Chad, Me and Andi.
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