IMG_1256-vert-horzAlign CenterI just came back from Lin Yu Chun press conference at J.W. Marriot. Thanks to Advertlets for the passes. For those who do not know, there will have a launch of YES 4G from YTL which is located beside the Lin Yu Chun press conference.

Lin Yu Chun a.k.a. Jimmy a.k.a. “Susan Boyle”

Check it out this video. You might know who I am talking about.

For those who do not know, he got his fame from youtube. Yes, same like hoe Justin Bieber. Since then, he has finally came out with his own debut English album, It is My Time. It features a collection of tracks that Lin Yu Chun love to singing.

Not to forget that his signature tune “I will always love you” is also included. For your info, during his stay at L.A. people recognize him in hotels and airports. And they call him as “this fellow who can really sing from Taiwan”

#1 Looks matured?

#2 Kawaii?

All the media receive his cute CD and some biography as souvenir.

Track listing:
1. I will always love you.
2. Amazing grace.
3. It’s my time.
4. Total eclipse of the heart.
5. Under your wings.
6. I understand.
7. Hero.
8. A moment like this.
9. My heart will go on.
10. Fighter