If you haven’t plan your holiday yet, this is might help.

Hi guys, still remember my previous post?

Picture that app

When it comes to December, the only thing that comes to my mind is shopping and a holiday, of course. So the first thing that popped in my mind was Singapore! My hometown and first choice holiday destination for my semester break. Where else can you find a place that is both an entertainment haven and a shopping paradise? And so close too!

Recently, a lot of Malaysia people went crazy because Uniqlo open their first outlet in Farenheit. In Singapore, I can easily find one in.

#2 This is what you get if you are the winner.

Shopping + Holiday + iPod to be yours!

What prize it’s that?

By the way, the free 3D2N trip to Singapore for 12 very special experiences make sure you join the Light-Up Christmas in Singapore contest from 18 Nov till 8 Dec. Start join the contest and invite 12 friends to help light-up the YourSingapore logo.

Your logo will only be lighted up when you friend clicks on the link sent to them via email. The fastest to light up the logo will win an iPod Shuffle daily and the top ten of each day will be in the running for the Grand Prize. Don’t lose out on this opportunity!

#3 Register.

Check it out 12 ideas that for an exhilarating Year-End experience in Singapore.

In the meantime, those who plan to go to Singapore this year-end, do let me know. I will be there in December since it is a semester break & time for me to have a holiday with my family.