Part 3
Behind a gargoyle, he discovered a bomb. He now has 58minutes and 23seconds until the explosion! Inside the car, he told the Debbie that he discovered a bomb and he need to off it. Both of them drove all the way to the location and try to search the bomb. The moment both of them reach to the place, there’s 5 people who just came down from the building. Suddenly all of them take out a knife and trying to kill Agent 7.7 and Debbie.

Agent 7.7 aware that he only have less than 1 hour before everything become history. He can’t waste his time and he need to kill 5 of them as soon as possible. Thanks god that Debbie have carry her own gun and she just kill one by one by using her gun. Right after that, both of them trying to search the bomb behind a gargoyle and trying to off it..

Part 1
The ballroom was filled to the brim with dignitaries from the embassy. The villain was lurking amidst the crowd yet Agent 7.7 had to ensure he remains undetected. The sleek design of brushed metal makes him blend in perfectly with the occasion. Barely an hour into his arrival, he heard a loud piercing scream from the main hall.

He rushes back to the main hall to find out what’s going on. He saw a lot of dead body and blood everywhere in the hall. He saw a guy trying to escape. Without wasting time, he tries to chase the guy. He does not have any tools or even gun with him except his Samsung GALAXY TAB 7.7 and small knife on his hand. He threw his tab to the guy who tries to run away from the hall. The small knife flying perfectly and hit that guy had and he fall down. The suspected guy turns around and points his gun to the agent 7.7. “BANG”… lucky enough agent 7.7 manages to cover his body with Samsung GALAXY TAB 7.7 to protect himself from the bullet.

Part 2
The ambassador was fatally wounded. A bodyguard asks him who did it; he points at Agent 7.7 and dies. Agent 7.7 speechless and he knew that even he tried to explain, nobody will believe him. Without any delay, he run away out from the building and everyone are chasing him. Suddenly his Samsung GALAXY TAB 7.7 ringing and a girl voice is on the line. She gave a direction for Agent 7.7 to go in order to escape from them.

The moment he turns into a back lane, a luxury sports car is waiting for him. The door open and a lady ask him to get in. Her name is Debbie Ong as stated on the tag. It’s a F.B.I. official tag. Suddenly everything come into a piece.. Agent 7.7 start to recall what is going on that night. She is the girl that he met at the bar!

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