It’s been a long time since my last updated! Was so busy with my things. Not much to say about my boring day. Just have a nice day & problem during my semester break & my new semester ^^
Okay, let me summarize what I’ve done for the past few weeks.

Play tennis after a few month stop. Really become noob.

Cut my hair at new saloon.

Use a new buildings which is just available this semester but only 90% complete. New buildings, new classroom but same people.

Hunting food.

Nilai University College will having their 2 major events (9th anual fun run & SRC Election)

New counselors tag.

New students may 2009.

Restaurant review.

New students? Yea right =.=” Just disturb my housemate everyday which is he just graduate from mechanical engineering ^^ congrats & jia you’ in finding job @@

My new blog. I created a new blog which is focus on shopping. I will let you guys know once it is complete. Right now just 85% complete.