Sorry guys for the FB Status that I wrote I want jump from 5th floor! XD
I will tell the whole story ya… (I explained some in FB d)
So, I no need keep reply on MSN & Facebook XD

The story is like this… I went to 1 of the malay restaurant (something like warong) with some of malay friends… Then we order the food lor…since I’m a big eater, so I order 2 portion.

The malay girl (waitress) came and took our order and she look at me 1 kind. Then when we all take order, I speak malay (coz I’m malay what) & suddenly she laugh.

The whole restaurant keep looking at our table!!!
To make the things worst, some of them looks down on me. The words that keep come out from their mouth are “Melayu tetapi bahasa melayu dia kelakar la “

It’s that really my fault? Fine!!!

FEEQ, this is ur time to attend malay class!!!

Last time I have someone who willing to be my personal malay teacher, but now no more T.T