How about my Malacca Food Hunting?
1 word only I can say is…memories…

I will talk about my Food Hunting @ Malacca on my next post…

Trying to be plastic in front other people & I manage to do it since I don’t want make my friend feel not comfortable.

Accidentally met few of my friend @ Malacca…Malacca so small right?

All the place that we went is place that she bring me on my last day that I met her.
Jongker walk, eyes on malaysia, Mahkota Parade…So on…

All the things that we ate is what she bring me, gave me and also that she like.
Fried Ice Cream, Chicken Rice Ball, Nyonya Food & so on…

She is not wrong, but I’m the one.
It’s not that I can’t forgive you but I’m the one who looking for the forgiveness.
If the reason that you told me last time, is not that’s you love me but it’s only like.
Did my life happy? I wish I could. If you think like that, I don’t have anything to say anymore.
Terbaik for me? If that what you think, I couldn’t say anything anymore.
If you say terpaksa, I really not understand.