Did your life as student like worker people? Today i recall back what has I done in my life. Today my life really like workers even go college & go back home follow office hour.

This is my picture with my group member Fan from china regarding the presentation Front Office. I went to class at 9am. My presentation goes smoothly since I remember all my point and can explain quite well + can answer question from my lecture.

Then I continue Account class and Training in Hospitality class until 4.45pm when the class suppose finish at 5pm. This one inside lecture hall. Not sleep wor…just for some photo.

Then this is my breakfast + lunch. Get from the new bakery stall at my college canteen that just open. Really nice.
Tuna Sandwich RM2.70 and Cheese tart RM2.50. The sandwich quite thick and the cheese tart quite big. The cheese quite a lot also and they put blueberry on the middle. Then my friend want me join the charity event at Seremban this Saturday. Will update the picture and story on Saturday.

Then continue 5pm for Counselor Meeting regarding the program for new student and also select the new team of senior counselor since a lot of senior counselor resign including me. ^^ The previous senior counselor they have 9 but left 2 because 2 of them graduate and the rest FED UP with the counselor TEAM and resign 1 SHOT!!!. I give the good reason for resign such as work for support my study hehe when the true is I want enjoy my college life next semester. Has been senior counselor so long and want relax and give opportunity to other people.

When I on the way back home around 6.30pm, guess what? Traffic jam at GUARD HOUSE Nilai University College…HAHAHA I can switch off my car engine and rest…

This is some of my college life. How about you?