Have you ever slide from 50meters? or 5storeys?

Hehe I did it. Thanks to LEX and Nigel who organize an outing for the bloggers. For those who do not know, one of the new shopping mall at Subang Jaya known as Empire Shopping Gallery have something that you must try.

What is that?
It is Lex Slide (Lifestyle Electronics eXperiential )

Lex luthor?
Haha no la… it is a tube slide.

LeX “Slide For Fun Social Media Gathering” is really worth to try.

Guys… Let me tell you something.
Next time if you lazy to accompany your girlfriend to go shopping, just bring her to Empire Shopping Gallery. While your girlfriend busy shopping, tell her that you need go to toilet. After that, you still can have fun with lex slide. Not only that, they have three Cineboxes for you to go in and play console games.

Check it out the video!

Like usual, bloggers in action with their huge DSLR.
Take photo la all… take la 😉

The rapunzel hair challenge. The longer hair walked away an iPod.

4 team challenge each other!
Yes! Any group with the fastest record will bring back RM100. All of us need to slide down two times and run back to the starting point. I do not mind with the slide down but… to run back to the starting point is really a challenge.

So, anybody dare?

You can wear anything that comfortable. Each of you will be provide 1 pcs of “gunny sack” in order to protect your shirt or pants from any damage. Not to mention also that the surface of the slide is smooth enough for safety reasons.

Lifestyle Electronics eXperiential Centre (LEX)
2nd Floor,
Empire Shopping Gallery ,
Subang Jaya.

RM12 (Per pax)
RM45 (Group of 5)

Last but not least!