Instead of giving out contributed meals as we did in previous months, we thought of doing something different this time. Cooking a pancake for the homeless. We are proud to adapt this idea into our Feed the Poor April 2013. And the theme we have set for this month is PANCAKES 🙂

Date: 13.04.13
Time: 9.45pm – 11.45pm
Venue: Kuala Lumpur
*Check the FB page for more information

This video is made by a NGO called The Big Umbrella. These guys operate a project called A Real Meal in Melbourne, similar to our Feed the Poor project. Do watch the video for a clearer picture on how its done over there. First-timers to our Feed the Poor project, do watch our previous videos stored within our Facebook page video content.


This is the March 2013 Feed the Poor project. We are growing! The tradition taking a group photo before we head out to give the contributed food from various shops, restaurants & other business besides F&B, to the homeless people.

If you want to join us for the next one, please fill up the Feed the Poor April 2013 Volunteer Application: HERE!

We will be needing few boxes of White Wings Panjacks Pancake Mix *Just Add Water* 
One box of this pancake mix will cost RM9.50 at Giant Hypermarket. We encourage volunteers to share out the cost especially if you’re students. Ten bucks might not be a big amount, but the feeling of having your part in it is priceless 🙂
If you’re interested in donating them, check out: HERE!
What is People of Hope?

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We chose a different path in making videos. A new angle in conveying message to viewers on the importance of speaking out for the helpless and lending a hand to the needy. We can certainly stay on track promote your business in ways where good values can be instilled in hearts of viewers as our videos are meant to take moral approach. Businesses can also choose to contributed to NGOs collaborating with the our projects.
Contact us for more information as we have a new approach in making commercial video ads made and at the same time give out a community message.
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