When talk about food in Indonesia, there only have a few things that come into my must-eat-list. Bebek (duck), Iga (beef ribs), Gado Gado (vegetable mix) and Indomee (instant noodles). Well, let’s put aside my fitness rules for this blog post shall we?
During one of previous trip in Jakarta, my buddy Kwek Han brought me to one of the largest malls in Jakarta to have our lunch. To be honest, if you still think Indonesia still outdated, do pay them a visit and you will be surprised. Not to mention someone will help you press the floor number and greet you when you enter the lift.
Since I have eaten a lot of street food (yes, I love street food), we went to eat at the mall. Of course, it’s more comfortable and clean compared than street food. The price of the meals almost same in Malaysia, RM10-15 per meals.
Iga Bakar (grilled beef ribs).
The highlights. I can have 20 plates of this! What else you can ask for something that gelatinous and juicy. The Iga was grilled perfectly and totally never get wrong when you mix it with the rich, flavorful and spicy sauce. The meats were tender and juicy, falling off the bones. Of course you have to forget the cholesterol intake hahaha.
Congratulation Kwek Han for the proposal and I knew she definitely say yes. 

 View from the cafe.