This is the last day of My Selangor Story 2011.
I felt empty and sorrow when everyone started to go home. I had my breakfast in Kites Restaurant while waiting Bella’s boy friend to come over and fetch me and Tian Chad to go back home.
Oh wait, before I forget, there’s Oktoberfest promotion in Kites Restaurant as well!
From 15th – 31st October 2011.
You can enjoy a healthy meal with some specialty meats. It is only RM 88++ per person. Not only that, there also have a special beer prices when you have dinner buffet in the Kites Restaurant!
I hope we still can do a gathering after the competition. For Indonesia blogger, by earlier next year, I gonna visit your country =)
Somehow I had the feeling that this is no longer a competition anymore. I started to feel that our friendship bond was strengthened through this competition. We even shared photos without watermark in facebook to use for the blog post, etc. This is very rare among bloggers.
I hope we would do regular meet ups after the competition. Indonesia bloggers out there, by earlier next year, I’m gonna visit you guys so stay tuned! =)
I will post up a video on my the entire experience in MSS2011 from day 1 until day 5). Don’t forget to visit my site!
For those who do not know, our official internet is The Cube. Since I do not have chance to use it, I personally ask some of the bloggers what they think about the The Cube. Below is some of the comment. Since Helga need to call his parent urgently, I gave him my RM50 credit to him as a gift.
If you are really a social media person, you may want to check out this:
You definitely don’t need a Smartphone to read tweets from your friends and favorite celebrities. Follow, Reply, DM and Tweet on the go limitlessly at only RM1 weekly with Twitter via SMS!
Write on walls, poke existing friends and make new ones all from your mobile phone. You don’t need a smartphone when you have Facebook via SMS at RM1 weekly for unlimited usage. Facebook has never been more accessible and affordable!

Nobody wants to hear the never-ending “Ring Ring” while waiting for you to answer their call. Your friends will thank you for entertaining them with your choice of Call Me Tones.
Download these fun games onto your mobile phone and you will never be bored again!
These funky screen savers literally save your phone from becoming a boring black screen when it goes into standby mode.
Blogger experience:
“aha…it’s very cheap… while i make a call to my friend in Indonesia and Singapore.. I just need about 3RM for 15 minutes’s call” – Ester Yuliyanti (Indonesia blogger)
” I don’t really use the topup since my blackberry is broken, remember? So I gave it to Olivia. But definitely cheap for calling to Indonesia, Singapore (Ester did this) and to Korea (Olivia did this). Ah, for Blackberry service it’s quite easy to register, good conection and not really expensive. if i’m not mistaken it’s like RM9 for a week, even it’s not as cheap as in Indonesia, it’s still okay for me. ^^” – Rizma Adlia Syakurah (Indonesia blogger)
“koneksi nyaman dipantai(gpt) maupun di hutan(awana). menelpon ke Indonesia juga murah. tapi sayang pulsa saya habis kena update twitter selama sehari -.-“ – Helga Indra Rukmana (Indonesia blogger)

“hahaha ^^ as you can see in Rizma’s video. it’s cheap for international call. i was like : “hmm, who else i’m gonna call to spend this balance..” ^^; i was calling my parents about 12 minutes just for RM2.xx and called my friend in Korea about 15 minutes just for RM3.xx. It’s cheeaaappp. In Indonesia, international call is about 300-700 rupiah / minutes *RM1 = 3000rupiah*, actually almost as cheap as, but the call made using VoIP *so we need to add 5 digits code. if not, the rate would be like 20000 rupiah (around RM7) per minutes -_-* and the voice sometimes delayed, missing but with this, i can do international call just like calling local number ^^” – Arietta Olivya Ohmar (Indonesia blogger)
“Oh ya, we got free phone card and 50 RM voucher from The Cube. You guys really saved my life. My parent was planning to kill me since for three days far from home, I didn’t call them. Until that night Miss Lau gave The Cube to us. I used it for tweeting and fb-ing from my handphone, also for two or three long phone calls. I was surprised; the cost was pretty low for international calling. Two thumbs up for The Cube.” Andi Gita Dala (Indonesia blogger)
Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie
1, Jalan Usahawan U1/8, Seksyen U1, 40250 Shah Alam, Malaysia · Get directions
+603 7802 5200

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