Thursday was the last day for all of us to stay in Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort and Spa. All of us have been told that we were gonna stay in the jungle. It means that we’re gonna move from luxury/comfortable bed into not-so-comfortable bed. There’s a lot of things that comes into mind. Is there water heater? How can I charge my camera? Is it safe?
I went down to Bila-Bila Cafe to grab my breakfast. Since my stomach was not feeling well since last night, I grabbed some light breakfast. I chose Japanese food and surprisingly it turned out good. The Japanese rice was just great, smooth and not too sticky. Served with special omelette where I ask the waitress to add on beef bacon. Everything was just good accompanied with miso soup.
Since I was still hungry, I added on a little bit more.. Cereal + sausage + omelette + bacon. Life is just great. Having my breakfast by the swimming pool while smelling the sea breeze. The breakfast was just great especially when I can have unlimited yogurt!
Right after all of us had our breakfast, we went back to our room to pack our stuff. All of the bloggers were to gather at the lobby 11.30am. Unfortunately, I reached there at 12.30pm because I went to the toilet for a few times and once I reached to the lobby, everyone has already left. All of them went to the seafood restaurant outside the resort.
It was painful to say goodbye especially when all the MSS 2011 had a lot of nice experience and we need to let go our comfortable room especially our bed… Since I was not feeling well, Dian force me to drink black tea while everyone have their coconut drink.
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Picture, picture and picture. Seems that everyone love Pentax? Haha.. If you have not read my review about Pentax Optio W90, check out HERE! and there’s gonna be an extreme review about Pentax Optio W90 in my another post… “army training” review by Pentax Optio W90!
With big bos of Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort and Spa, Pascal Prigent. He is the General Manager of Golden Palm Tree. Thanks for the luxury experience. I really appreciate the luxury treatment that I received. For those who want to know how my room looks like, check it out HERE! HERE! and check out also what I had as my breakfast and lunch!
On behalf of My Selangor Story, I would like to thank the Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort and Spa who were our official Resort and Spa sponsor. I really have a lot of experiences that I could not forget and I really enjoyed it.
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Right after we had a group photo, all of us went down to Awana Genting! For those who do not know, they are our official resort sponsor. Oh well.. During our journey that took almost 1 hour, all of us became like that cute cat inside the bus.. *yawn*
By the way.. some of you asked me how the Indonesia bloggers can online while they stay in Malaysia right? Thanks to our Official Internet: The Cube. I will talk more about it in another blog post ya =)

The MSS 2011 bloggers reach Awana Genting roughly around 4pm due to heavy traffic jam and rain. On behalf of MSS 2011 bloggers and organizer, I would like to apologize for the delay.
The moment all of us reach there, we were not only greeted by their warm hospitality but we also managed to get refreshments too. It is really great to have refreshments after being stuck in the bus for almost 1 hour. Thanks to Awana staff who prepared it for all of us.
Meet my lovely friend, Mei Ching. It was surprising that I met her during the My Selangor Story 2011 launching. The last time I met her was during my internship. Yup.. we all same company and now she working with Genting Resort… Thanks to My Selangor Story if not, I would not able to recognize her.
For those who do not know, this is my first time that I came here. Usually I went straight to For those who do not know, this is the first time that I came here. Usually I gp straight to Genting instead of dropping by Awana. I never knew that this place is quite amazing. Basically, Awana Genting Highlands Golf & Country Resort offers a lot of eco-friendly outdoors activities. If you want to know what all the MSS 2011 bloggers have to play, stay tune in my next blog post.
According to the management, other recreational facilities and activities that they have are horse riding (joyride), swimming pools, archery range, gymnasium, video gaming, snooker and pool and video gaming. Cool right? They do have everything.
Dato’ Anthony Yeo, Senior Vice President of Public Relations and Communications for Resort World Genting. This is my 3rd time meeting him within this year. During the welcome speech, he talked a little bit about the effort that Resort World Genting has taken in order to save our earth. Not only Resort World have already sponsored and supported a lot of environmentally event, they also contributed a lot in order to save our one and only “winter” state.. Genting Highland.
Not only that, he is also talk about history of Genting Highlands and warmly welcome all of MSS 2011 bloggers to Awana Genting. Thanks Dato’ for your great hospitality. We need more people like you to save our world.
Other than that, Awana Iconic resort and spa is located nearby with Genting, that’s
famous with City of Entertainment, Malaysia’s.
Token of appreciation from Resort World to YB Elizabeth Wong. Orchid!! Oh my god!! It is so beautiful. I am thinking of to put cactus in my studio in order to support our earth… environmental friendly =) Guys… you can help our earth by do not waste electricity!
Thanks to our one and only Official Resort, Resort World for the sponsor! It is our pleasure to be in Awana Genting Highland =) ~ Looking forward interesting activity!
From left to right: Alison Wee (Horizon Communications), Dato Anthony Yeo (Senior Vice President of Public Relations and Communications for Resort World Genting), YB Elizabeth Wong (EXCO for Tourism, Consumer Affairs and environment), and Syahrul Zuhara (Awana Genting).
When talking about Awana Genting Highland, their specialty is nature. MSS 2011 bloggers were greeted by an evergreen landscape and refreshingly cool mountain air. Not only that, all of us was surrounded by 130 million year-old rainforest at 3,000 feet above sea level.
I did not have a chance to visit their Orchid Farm, Strawberry Farm and Mushroom Farm. My next visit, I’m gonna visit all of that farm! Not only that, if you ever want to drop by Awana Genting, do not forget to enjoy the bird watching or firefly sighting. This time, all of the MSS 2011 bloggers, we had the chance to experience the outdoor activities and eco adventures. Stay tune in my next blog post ya.
Can you see how fun Awana Genting is? Kids swimming around and having fun.. Guess what? This is not where all of us gonna stay… We gonna stay somewhere that much better!By the way, on your way back do not forget to experience by sampling delectable local delights at Gohtong Jaya, hiking up the pagoda at Chin Swee Caves Temple, or visiting the nearby Resorts World Genting.
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If you have any enquiries or questions, please contact them at

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