Actually it is not my last day study at Nilai University College. Since I still have 1 more semester to go witch is next semester at Nilai University and following semester practical.

Everybody have their own way for study. So, some of student not really like to show off their ability. This is last class for this semester (human resource) that pretty girl who sat is my lecturer Ms. Etta Cheong (not the guy with pink color shirt). The way that she teach us quite interesting even though have some student not really like the way that she put 10% as participation mark. I got 6/10 for my participation mark. But on behalf of some of my friend, I’m sorry for them.

Thanks miss, for teach us this whole semester. Hope see u next year. HA??? did you want retake??? i mean see you in college. hehe..hope can pass this subject because i think this subject quite difficult for me.