Miao Miao


Where am I?


Finally, I manage to get internet connection. Thanks to Azrin who let me use his iPhone. If not, I need pay Hilton Hotel RM25 for 1 hour in order to use internet connection. Back in December, I got post a contest where you can win free airline tickets to Kuching and Kota Kinabalu. Thanks to Firefly Airlines!

My actual plan is to go Kota Kinabalu but since my actual plan is I have work need to do, I cancel it. Suddenly my bos told me that the work is postpone to another day. Since I have nothing to do, Sham Hardy offer us his ticket to Kuching. So, here am I. Miao Miao town with Azrin.

Leave Sunway at 6pm and grab some light snack at KFC KLIA.

Ordered Malay Fried Rice with Satay @ RM10 and Ice Lemon Tea @ RM5. Can you spot something in the photo ;)?

It’s damn cheap where I only pay RM125 in total for 3D 2N stay at Hilton Hotel Kuching and transportation KL-Kuching-KL

Stay at Hilton Hotel. Azrin get for us free stay 1 night at Hilton & we add 1 more night with the 50% discount!

Since we want to avoid #beromance, we choose 2 single bed. Located just opposite Tune Hotel & Kuching Waterfront River!

Thanks to Jfook who fetch us from Kuching airport to Hilton Hotel.
Stay tune in my blog where later I will go Sunday Market at Satok to eat fresh Sago Worm!

Zee Fried Rice @ RM10. Ordinary fried rice mix serve with fried egg and fried chicken.

Nasi Aruk RM6. It is just a normal fried rice where mix with fried egg and not enough with that, they serve us another fried egg. Fat!

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