This is my last day (3rd day) in Kuching. So far from what can I say about Kuching is there’s still a lot of places I haven’t visited yet. =p My Day1 & Day2 experience was just nice. Not much to say about my last day though, where I spent most of my time taking photo.

We checked out from Hilton Hotel at 9am and guess what? The hotel was free. Yes! We stayed for 3D 2N for free. You want to know why? Just ask me. 😉

Before I continue sharing my last day in Kuching experience, I would like to thank Firefly for sponsoring us the ticket.

After checking out, We headed on foot from the hotel to the open air market where they sell a lot of souvenirs and good food. After arriving there. A funny thing occurred. The funny part was, a lot of people was offering us Gambir Sarawak. o.O-I will buy it if I get married ya 😉 Being there, We ordered Chicken Rice and Rojak to savor.

If you’re wondering where I bought my Kek Lapis? I bought it at Kampung boyan where you need to take a boat ride across a river to reach there. The boat fee was just RM0.40 from what I can tell we ended up paying RM2 for it. None of us bothered to ask why. This was my first time that I have been on the boat. I was really scared that the boat will capsize…. choi!!!!! bacause apart from my precious baby(camera) getting wet, I value my life most.(for your info, I don’t know how to swim)

Imagine if all of us fell into the sea 😉

Let me tell you 1 LOL story. This is what happened to us. Actually we do not know where is the actual place of Kek Lapis shop/house. We just used google maps on iPhone to give us direction. According to the map, the shop was located quite far, almost at the end of the village. We walked all through the housing area until the road ended. By then, we resorted to making our own road. Yes! we jump, climb etc. Just so we made it to our destination.

After almost 20 minutes of walk, we finally reached what seemed to be a big factory. We all were damn confident that the place was definitely the Kek Lapis factory. Upon closer inspection, it was actually just a badminton court. =.= We started asking around for the exact place. It turned out it was actually located near the jetty. If we just headed straight from the jetty, we would already be there. It is only less than 1km away.

Once we reached there, I saw a lot of “Kek Lapis for testing”. I tried most of it and ended up buying 5 Kek Lapis which cost me almost RM100. Some Kek Lapis were sold at RM10 and the rest around RM20-RM30.

Hills shopping mall located a stone throw away from Hilton Hotel.

Finally, I manage to grab some Kolok mee. I ate the halal version of it where they changed the meat from pork to beef. I’m not sure if it is similar with the original one but for me, it is just ordinary. The texture of the noodles was like instant noodles, but the tastes better than instant noodles.

Aladin Cafe is the place which is claimed to be, by a lot of people. The place that sells the best chicken rice around. To be honest, I prefer the fried chicken version of the chicken rice compared to the roasted or steamed ones. The chicken skin is so crispy & the meat so tender. Just nice.

We managed to go on a food hunt for 4 dishes before heading to the airport. Sounds damn greedy right? Hahaha but yeah… The food was located at different places and the distance was quite far.

1st off the menu was Chicken cincaluk, just an ordinary deep fried chicken in my opinion.
2nd was Lo Bak Ko. I’m not sure what’s so special about it but we needed to wait almost an hour for it to get served. A lot of people ordered it. According to Marky, this is Batu Pahat Johor version of the dish.
3rd was Chicken cooked with some herbs-Chicken herb I guess. =p
And last but not least, Vanilla ice cream as the dessert.

After that, Jfook send us back to Kuching airport. Thanks a lot bro!
Meet up with the rest bloggers and yeah…. Bye Bye Kuching!

So, that is my Kuching experience. I really want to have another trip go Kuching since my friend told me that I suppose go to their village area to enjoy the nature. I want go to their long house as well. Who want sponsor me? That is the question ^^