So, what is going on during my second day at Kuching?
Eat, shopping, toilet, eat, shopping, toilet…

Kuching Trip 2011 – Day1 Miao Miao Here We Are

I even had 4 breakfast in less than 3hours!

Thanks to Marky, Joling & Rajivst who let me to join their food hunting trip.
Thanks to Jfook who fetch me and send me back to airport and even bring me to eat nice seafood.

This is my first visit to Sarawak and I looking forward to visit Sabah. Once I manage to visit Sabah, I proudly to tell people that I went to whole Malaysia already.

Staying 3D 2N at Hilton Hotel Kuching with Azrin is really awesome. Since it is located at the middle of the town everything just a walking distance. Since our hotel located in the middle of Kuching town, I started my day by walking around town and of course walking with azrin make my cute tummy bigger. Our target is to try out a lot of different Sarawakian food.

This is where our first visit. Just located nearby with Kuching Statue, we try their Sarawak Laksa. It is just an ordinary but the best part is, can you see the small prawns? Guess what? I just spend RM4 for 1 bowl of Curry Laksa. Actually we were a little bit early where a lot of stall haven’t open yet. Since we so hungry, we decided to try it out and they only have Kolo mee and Sarawak Laksa. So the only things that I can eat is Sarawak Laksa.

We continue our next food hunting at Chong Choon Cafe since I want try their mee jawa. It is just 20minute after I had my 1st breakfast. Actually this stall is famous with their Sarawak Laksa but because I am not really fancy of Laksa, I would like to try something different. Located at Abell Road Kuching, Malaysia (same row as Air Asia office). Check it out their official Facebook page, HERE!

I heard about how good Madam Tang Beef Noodle and I would like to try it. According to twitter, Marky and some of my blogger/twitter friend also at Kuching. So, we called Marky to meet up. He bring me to eat the best beef noodle in the town!

Marky told me that the teh 3 layer tea is not the best so he will bring me to another place where he claim I can get the best teh 3 layer tea in Kuching. Azrin order the biggest portion of Sarawak Laksa and it cost him at RM11++

I ordered dry beef noodle. The beef noodle (dry/soup) is only RM5.50 per portion (regular). The beef is tender and the noodle is just a perfect but I still prefer Seremban Beef Noodle that I went last time. Madam Tang Beef Noodle just located 80metre from Kenny Sia Level Up fitness.

To complete our breakfast journey at open air market, I went to try their cendul, the best kuching teh 3 layer tea and rojak. Yes! That is my dessert. The teh 3 layer tea is just a perfect. The combination of milk, palm sugar and tea is just nice. A little bit sweet but I like it. The cendul just ordinary and I do not like their rojak. The sauce a little bit sticky. Not like other rojak sauce. The uncle who sell the rojak told us that we no need to pay 2 plate of rojak. I dont know why but… yeah… its free!

Right after that, we went to the #IHBtwtup or known as I heart Borneo. I even do a live blogging, HERE!

What is I heart Borneo?

It is basically a project by the twitter and blogging community to promote unity among Borneo and peninsular Malaysia. Since the tweetup is held at Bing! (something like Starbuck) Hills Shopping Mall, it is mean that I can rest my cute tummy awhile.

Cool right the mini tweetup?

Sunday Market
We chilling there until evening around 4.30pm and Jfook, Shiitek and Ban fetch us from Bling! cafe. They bring us to Sunday market where it is open on Saturday and Sunday. I think they should rename it to weekend market instead Sunday market.

Actually the main idea is I want to try Sago Worm unfortunately, nobody sell it. It is because of the weather.

Sunday Market2
Dad told me want salted fish. I bought their famous “Ikan Terubuk Masin”. the interesting part is, their packaging like briefcase. If I bring to party, nobody know that I carry dead salted fish!

Sunday Market3
Bought a lot of souvenir and eat a lot of snack!

Daily Seafood
At night, Jfook bring me to eat seafood somewhere quite far from the town it is called as Daily Seafood restaurant. The food just great but the vegetable not really nice. The service also DAMN slow. Maybe because there is too many people. We ordered Chinese tea, midin vegetable cook with belacan, steam fish, chilli pepahat, oyster pancake and crab cook with salty egg.

Daily Seafood2
The last is the best. The final two dishes (oyster pancake and crab cook with salty egg) is really nice. I like it!

Daily Seafood3
Thanks to Jfook, Shiitek and Ban who bring us to makan XD

Daily Seafood4
The bill end up with RM167 and it just around RM34 per person. My cute tummy damn happy LOL