I was on my way to gym when I receive this news. One of my readers send it to my email. Now, I’m sharing with all of you. I’m not sure if it just my feeling regarding Malaysia… Seems that Malaysia is not a safety country anymore. From robbery to technical problem etc. Guess what? My studio is located at Puchong (3rd floor) and 2 days ago, the tenant on 2nd floor just lost his laptop etc. Someone break in from the roof top. I’m not sure how that fella can climb to the 3rd floor and break into 2nd floor.

Kuala Lumpur : The Kl monorail broke-down  at approximately 1.55pm today ironically right in front of Wisma Monorail located in Brickfields. According to unofficial sources the breakdown which caused a minor derail was due to power failure leaving several passengers stranded inside the monorail.

A rescue train was brought in which was followed by The Fire Department  accompanied by Police and the Medical Team who arrived shortly after the incident to rescue the stranded passengers.

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