The day before photoshoot, I was admitted to Sunway Medical Centre. Actually I just too tired and wanted to do annual medical checkup. Since the process took me quite some time, I decided to stay back in the hospital. Love the bed, food etc. Of course you need to pay for it. Suddenly something happened and I could not able to go back early. 
Working with Manoah Consulting, punctuality is important. The next day 8am sharp, Donovan Chan and Arisa Chow reach my studio, CVS Production
I always heard about Arisa Chow (check out her blog for beauty tips and anime culture) and I never had opportunity to work together with her. Thanks to Donovan Chan from Manoah Consulting who build a bridge and create an opportunity for me to work together with Arisa Chow.
Working with her is really easy compare than other model. She can become “kawaii”, matured, princess, or even serious look. She’s not a camera shy and the most important is she is professional. I need not worry about the whole photo shooting session.
I love her wig and she totally can become baby doll or anything that you wanted her to be. With a little bit of makeup and wig, magic will happen. 
When the guys try to act cute, it will never happen ;p
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