Early in the morning all of us wake up around 7am in the morning. If you want to know one secret, most of us did not bath.. well it wasn’t on purpose but since we gonna have a jungle tracking and some “army training” later on, most of us decide to just wash our face and brush our teeth. By the way.. the water was really cold!
We started our day with some warm-up exercise before we headed to the jungle trekking activity. Warming up is really important to avoid any injury. So, make sure any of you who want to do any activity, at least have some light exercise to warm up ya. Stay healthy…
We started our journey by going down the hill. Somehow I prefer that we climb at first place instead of walking down the hill. I prefer to do the difficult thing first instead of the easy things. Since we gonna feel tired afterwards.
This jungle trekking is basically to teach us about enjoying our environment and at the same time to treasure it. Ask yourself when is the last time you go to a jungle? For me, most of my time I spend in city.
Some of people asked me in facebook and twitter how much the rate for outdoor activity. Basically, the price are:
Nature Trek RM25 per adult; RM15 per child
Indoor Abseiling RM25 per adult; RM15 per child
Indoor Rock Climbing RM25 per adult; RM15 per child
Outdoor Abseiling RM30 per adult; RM20 per child
Outdoor Flying Fox RM25 per adult; RM15 per child
More info, HERE!
So, it is really affordable for people who want to enjoy natural habitat and not-so-adventure activity. You even can walk with your kids!
Some of the unique jungle creatures. Somehow, this is my first time I see with my own eyes + touch the mosses (top right).
Can anyone spot the leeches? Please leave your answer in the comment box ya =)
(Will reveal the answer in my next blog post!)
As usual, group photo!
I learnt a lot of thing during the jungle trekking. Starting from now onwards, I gonna take care our earth. How about you?
It is the time where we should climb back. Roughly our journey took 1.6km back and forth. However, I do not feel that I already walk for 1.6km. Maybe because I was enjoying the natural habitat… busy finding Leeches =)
Let me introduce to you… 1 Benua Band. Consist Tian Chad, Andi, Hijrah and myself.
Once we get out from the jungle, everyone checked their body if they have any leeches. The moment Bella open her socks, there have plenty of leeches.. haha… Basically, Leeches are segmented worms and their bodies are much more solid. For those how do not know, they also have two suckers, with each sucker located at the end of each animal.
There are more than 600 species of leeches that have been identified, but only 15 of the species are used medically, so they are given a class of their own. They are classified as Hirudo Medicinalis or medicinal leeches. Usually, leeches is used in the medical line.
For those who do not know what are leeches, this is how it look like. Note that the leeches will become bigger once it is full from sucking your dirty blood.
I asked Zul what happen if the leeches suck people blood who have HIV then they suck us? Dowe gonna get HIV too? Zul told us that the leeches do not suck red blood. They only suck dirty blood. Now I wish that I can have a lot of leeches to suck my dirty blood =)
Thanks to Tian Chad who capture my photo. Feel awkward to pose where normally I am the one who capture people photos.
We had breakfast in Pasar Ikan Bakar. Do not get surprised if you see “hotel” food over here. Yes, even though we stay in jungle but we still manage to eat nice food.
I receive some comment from my reader based on my previous entry where Hijrah and Zul kinda cute.
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