Remember when you were a kid and everything was fun and games (well that and studying for exams) We want bring you back for a brief moment through the games that you used to play such as batu seremban, bottle caps, galah panjang and a bunch of other favorites.

The aim is to get people together playing these games meeting new people, making new friends and spreading a little joy.
Jom Main

Everyone that comes will be allocated into 4 teams (like your rumah sukan back in school). It is free to participate but you have to sign up at to make sure we account for you.

Saturday 30th April

Piccadilly Restaurant:

2:00 pm: arrival
2:10 pm: networking and getting to know each other – meet at least one person that you dont know from each “house” color
2:30 pm: games start
4:30 pm: games come to a close
4:45 pm: prizes and giving stuff out / networking and more drinks

Games we are playing:
Bottle caps
Batu seremban
Lawan pen bring your own pens there will be a modification station set up
Lawan eraser

Other games available:
Cho dai ti
To also play SNAP & Happy Family