Have you ever heard about Jipangi? Basically, it’s new hype in the city. Famous ice cream from Korea. Since, Malaysian love Korean, maybe this is what make them want bring their culture to Malaysia. Today is their official launch of Jipangi 1st outlet in Sunway Pyramid. Thank you Manoah for the invitation.
Chocolate (Full) – RM 7
Vanilla (Full) – RM 7
Chocolate + Vanilla (Mix) – RM 9
Banana + Strawberry (Mix) – RM 9
Each of us manages to try all the flavours. Personally, I prefer banana, chocolate and vanilla. Not really fan of strawberry flavour. 
 With this lovely lady, Sindee over here.
Do you know that Jipangi cone is made from 100% corn? Their cone is made from a process of roasting high grade corn grits that shapes into cane shape so you get to enjoy your favourite ice-cream flavour without any spillage and wastage!!
The machine they use to put in the ice cream.
Depends how you want to eat. Start from the long or short one? I will go from both sides.
Jipangi at Sunway Pyramid.
LG2.75A (near Aeon), Sunway Pyramid, Selangor.