I have been shooting a lot of concert/stage performance and I feel this is the best ever. From the lighting, people and of course the feel of the performance; goosebumps! I will upload some video on my next blog post.
I’m a huge fan of Jayesslee and having the opportunity to be their official photographer and videographer of the event make me feel great. So, any of you been to Jayesslee Asia Tour 2015 Live in Malaysia? Honestly, I keep listening their YouTube cover while doing some editing. Their voice just perfect. 
Good show Janice and Sonia. Please come again! Malaysia love you! Awesome way to end the night and this is the Jayesslee last stop for their Asia tour!
So this is how I look when I was on the stage shooting for Jayesslee, photo by Teark Records.
Some photos taken on that day; Cvs Production