I watched the Apple Special Event video that was held yesterday (4 October 2011) where Apple reveals the new iPhone 4S. Sometimes I asked myself. Do we really can adopt new technology trends? Can you imagine that the new iPhone model will come out every year? Does technology really play such a big role in us?But of course, I never say that it is not important at all because I could not able to live with out internet 😉
I still remember that when I save up my money to buy the latest BlackBerry Bold 9900, I turn up buying the HTC Evo 3D. Since I was disappointed with the BlackBerry Bold 9900 features. This morning, my tweetdeck was full with people who tweet about iPhone 4S. Some people say yay, some people say nay.. Hmmm..
I have my own opinions. But before that, this is some of the new features for iPhone 4S.
Check it out:
1: A5 chips.
Apple design: Dual Core processor, Up to 2 x faster than CPU, Dual core graphics, Up to 7 x faster graphics (faster than the previous iPhone), battery life up to 8 hour talk time, iCloud & IOS5, etc.
2: Wireless
Intelligently switches between two antennas to transmit and receive, 2 x faster downloads, CDMA + GSM, etc. The best part is, the maximum HSDPA data speeds is up to 14.4 Mbps.
3: Camera
Face detection up to 10 people, 26% better auto white balance. Basically, megapixel is not everything. They do have bigger aperture, f2.4 and it is good enough to help you capture good shot either to create nice depth of field or even in low light condition.
More about camera? HERE!
Try to compare iPhone 4S with other brand? iPhone prove that their camera processor is faster compare than other device.
4: Video recording
1080p HD video + all-new optics. The color more vibrant compare with previous iPhone. Not to mention about their video stabilization which is look convincing.
5: Air Play
Streaming & connect into you television, etc. It is all about connecting your iPhone.
6: iCloud
Basically it is kind of sharing apps. Of course it is free for IOS5 user and Lion. You can simply share your photos, documents and musics. Of course it is wirelessly pushes them to all your devices.
More detail about iCloud? HERE!
7: IOS5
What else I can say about this IOS5? Check out the detail at bottom! or Check out HERE!
8: Siri
Basically is all about the future technology. Use your voice to do everything. Cool is it? You can get more detail about Siri, HERE!
I just wondering about the English slang. Imagine if people speak singlish or rojak english.
He show how to use Siri. Kinda cool.
The Official iPhone 4S Video (HD)
This is some of my opinions about the new features. Since I do not have the gadget in my hand right now, I could not able to review it more detail. I will elaborate more about iPhone 4S if I have it in my hand =)
Cards apps.
You can just use the apps to create your cards (birthday, holiday, greeting etc.) You can create a mail + customized it and send to your family/friends. There do have more than 21 design in more than 60 category. Just create the card and the Apple will do it the rest for you. They gonna print, envelop it and send to the particular address that you give them. If you mail it to the United States area, they do have a push notification once the card are delivered. It is only cost you at #2.99 (anywhere in United States) & #4.99 (anywhere in the world) for 1 mail. The apps can be free download on 12 of October 2011.
It comes with more than 200 new features. Let me highlight the top 10 new features:
1) Notification
They claimed that they do have the great solution. For my opinion, it is kind of android style where you just need to swap your finger from the top and you can get all the notification. When you use another apps such as games, it would not block what you currently doing. It will comes out at the top. So basically, if you are android fan and do have android smart phone, you may find it familiar.
2) iMessage
It is a new messaging service between IOS users.You can send text, photo, email etc to other IOS user such as iPod and iPad. Kind of familiar with Whatapps and BBM right?
3) Reminders
You can have location based reminder. Somehow I like this one. Since I kind of careless, I can make use of the reminder features quite well. For example is I can set a reminder when I want to leave my house and put my iPhone 4S in my pocket the reminder will pop up once I leave my house. All of this will save and exchange based on iCloud.

4) Twitter
For me, I do not any reason why it really WOW kind of features. If you have Android, it is kind of similar apps. I still prefer tweetdeck when I want to tweet my thought or even share the photos.
5) Newsstand
If you are those kind who love to read book or magazine, this apps kinda good for you. According to them, a lot of publication create a subscription for a iPad. So, if you like to read a particular book or magazine, you can easily subscribe it. For me, it is not a big deal since I seldom reading.

6) Camera
They do have a camera lock screen shortcut. So, if you lock your iPhone and you want the fastest way to take picture, what you need to do is just double click on the home button and it will direct you into the camera app. You also can crop it or even edit it. Hmmm.. kinda same with Android features.

7) Games center
Nothing much to talk about this. The interesting part is you can upload your own photo so that people will know who are you and also they can suggest to you what is the best games that you can download it.

8) Safari

Reader button at the top. They will help you to make your website look nicer and easy to read based on your device. They do have a reading list features. Let’s say you do not have time to read, you can put it under reading list and come back again later to read it. Not only that, another new features about safari is

Tabbed browsing – It is similar like when you use computer to surf internet.

9) Mail
Rich text formatting

You can bold, italic, underline etc. You also can draggable addresses from to cc, search entire message etc.

10) PC Free
You no need to use computer. Once you get your device from the shop and you are good to go. They do have a wireless update and you no need to use computer to update your iPhone.
The IOS 5 is free update and available on 12 of October 2011.
IOS 5 support: iPhone 4 & 3GS, iPad & iPad2, iPod touch 3rd & 4th generation.

iTunes Match
Basically it is really help a lot to those who are music freak. If you could not live without music and you keep download the new songs, this apps is for you. It is help to scan and match your library especially if you scare you gonna download twice. So, it is help you to download the music that you do not have yet. The best part is, it is stream immediately. Support and matched songs upgraded to 256 kbps AAC DRM-free. It is only $24.99 per year!
Other than that, they do have an announcement about iPod as well.
iPod nano
They improve the fitness, slide display, different design of clock since some people like to wear it as watch and also they cut the price. 8GB $129 and 16GB $149.
So, if you wondering when is the iPhone 4S gonna be in market… Check out!
If you really could not able to wait it reach Malaysia, I suggest you go to Singapore to grab one.
If you want to know what else the improvement of Apple product, HERE!
Apple copied by Android copied by Apple.
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