Back few weeks ago, Zee Avi came to USJ to spend her time with the kids and thanks to the Crocs, Universal Music Malaysia and Digi where they bring some happiness to the children.

Guess what? Zee Avi came to USJ during our charity visit where Crocs giving out free crocs shoes to the kids. I was one of the lucky blogger who are invited to attend the event.

Don’t know who is Zee Avi? Maybe after you watch her video you will remember ^^

On that day, Crocs giving out 55 pair of crocs to the children where all of them love their new Crocs. They receive their Crocs with their favorite design and color.

1 Picture = 1000 words. It’s the only things I can tell you guys.

The blogger who came on that day ^^
L-R: Tian Chad, Marky, Little Monkey, Jeremy & Phyllisia Ng.

Camwhore with the kids of course. You guys love camera? Me too ^^

Zee Avi came and she really love kids. I like her smile and laugh where it’s not fake at all. She not only good in singing but she have a big heart ^^

They love Crocs until they straight wear it on the spot (o^^)o

The refreshment on that day make everything perfect where all of us can spend time to chat and know each other well XD

I love this shot! Phyllisia Ng… Don’t kill me ya XD
*looks at the kid face…looks like he get shock*

Zee Avi in the house XD
She sang a few songs and the best songs that I like is “Kantoi”

This is where all the kids have an opportunity to spend their time and play some games with the audience and of course with cute Zee Avi.

Hope the fund that gave out can make the kids keep smile from day to another day.

So sweet… The kids have performance for Zee Avi ^^

I like to see their happy face. For me as long you can smile in this world, that’s the only medicine to cure sadness and forget the pass.

Group photo with Zee Avi and main crocs people.

Another group photo with Universal Music Malaysia GM, Loan Cheong.