Have you guys heard about Whitewater Rafting before?
I do, but since I don’t know how to swim, I not really care about it.
On 14.11.09, I had opportunity to experience it.
Thanks to Nomad ^^

Nomad Adventure is the first professional whitewater kayaking outfitters in Malaysia,
operating since 1996.

The founder, Chan Yuen-Li, is a self-taught paddler who ventured the first descents of several white water rivers up to Grade 4 – Upper Sungai Selangor, Sungai Luit, Sungai Raya and Sungai Chamang in Pahang.

In 2003 Nomad Adventure were the pioneers who developed commercial whitewater rafting on Sungai Kampar in Gopeng. We trained the first locals in the area to become river guides. From the start, we initiated the highest safety standards by investing in trainers who are internationally recognized rafting leaders from Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Nomad’s efforts have made Gopeng in Perak one of the top adventure destinations in South East Asia.

Briefing by Chan Yuen-Li

Guys, get your safety jacket ^^
Ready to go!!

Chan Yuen-Li

She is my water rafting guide.

Safety concern?
Don’t worry, they good on it.
They have briefing what you will do if you wall in to the river.
thanks GOD, i really don’t know how to swim XDXDXD

Hehe…Practise… Just in case you fall in to the river XOXO

Briefing & demonstration by Allysa how to control the water rafting boat.

The journey & challenge start!!!

Cool huh?
That really awesome XD
They have a pit stop too…Rest and eat some apple hehe

Keisha (Travel Magazine), Me & George from Scotland.

Chan Yuen-Li & Me.

Me & George.

That was the END of the journey…

The journey that took almost 45 minute really challenging and need a cooperation.
It’s teach you how to communicate with your teammate and also teach you what is the team work!

I really miss it. I will return back next time ^^

note: Some photo is from Alvin.