Last Saturday I had invitation to Taylor University College Lakeside Campus.
Went there with Kent Hou, Xin Ci & Celvin.
Met Chef Nadzri and Chef Fadzly who is my ex lecturer @ Nilai University College!

Lets the photo do talking!
It’s real buildings and not from internet ya XD

Tour by Chef Fadzly ^^

Had our free lunch here XO

Chef Nadzri bring us to the kitchen area…
See many lenglui, no wonder la you wear spec lolx

The invitation. The Star Education made a mistake and it’s turn up where there’s no reservation under our name. Lucky at the end we still manage to get it XP

We had Asian Cuisine since the other restaurant food finish liao T.T

Rojak, Pakoras, Chicken Tikka Salad, Mango Kerabu & Sprouted Bean Salad

Malaysian Oxtail Soup!

Main Course!
Daging Salai Masak Merah Cili Padi & Chicken Tandori!

Lemon Chicken & Daging Salai Masak Merah Cili Padi!

Chicken Tandori and Masala Fish Curry!

From Left…
Onde – Onde & Lee Chee Kang, Pengat pisang & Kheer, Lee Chee Kang & Kheer!


With dessert? @.@”


From Left…
Xin Ci, Kent Hou, Chef Nadzri, Me and Celvin!

From Left… Me, Chef Fadzly & Celvin!