Last Friday, I receive an invitation to attend Special Media Preview Of Belanga’s Signature Dishes & New Menu in conjunction with Belanga’s Up & Coming Outlets In Empire Subang Gallery and Intermark Jalan Tun Razak!

This is not my 1st visit.. my last visit is during the Premiere Screening Orphan!

The event kick off by welcoming speech by Puan Zainab, CEO of Zee’s Industries! She quite pretty and such a nice person ^^

She was born in Pasir Mas Kelantan which is one of the reason why she open a Malay-Kelantan cuisine restaurant. She told us about her pass and how come she can success until now. It’s sounds easy for her but I believe that it’s very hard to achieve something without any problem.

The member of media and blogger of that day!

The media given opportunity to do their own “Roti Jala”

Top: Cucur Udang & Nasi Dagang Beef Rendang
Bottom: Pulut Kuning Beef Rendang & Nasi Dagang Tuna/Ikan Tongkol!

The cucur udang not too oliy and it’s crispy. The best part is they have a juicy fried prawn on the middle of cucur udang. If you realize, a lot of food is made from fish such as fish serunding, fish paste and grilled fish. Since Kelantan is easily to get fish, there is no reason why they didn’t use all of the fish that they have.

Top: Mee Bandung Prawn & Mee Curry
Bottom: Laksam & Roti Jala and Curry Chicken

For those who don’t want rice, you guys can try their noodles such as Mee Bandung and Mee Curry and do not forget their laksam. The laksam is almost like chee cheong fun where is made from a rice flour.

Top: Nasi Dagang Curry Chicken & Nasi Kerabu Beef Tenderloin
Bottom: Nasi kerabu Grilled Fish & Nasi Lemak Ayam Berempah

Another dishes that you must try are Nasi Kerabu Beef Tenderloin and Nasi Lemak Ayam Berempah. The beef tenderloin is not too chewy and the meet was tender. Cut into a thin slice to make sure the customer can enjoy every bite and taste of the meat. The Nasi Lemak Ayam Berempah is another dishes that I like most where the ayam berempah is home specialty herbs where they cook into perfection!

Top: Nasi Tumpang
Bottom: Beef Soto

A secret layers of pressed rice cakes, fish serunding, fish curry in traditional style, egg and anchovy sauce served in a banana leaf cone. Come with a choice of fish or prawn!

For the beef soto, the beef meatball is made from fully meat and not like other meatballs where they mix a lot of flour.

Some of the dessert.
Top: Sago Gula Malacca & “Kuih Lompat Tikam”
Bottom: Aklok, Jalur Emas & Buah Tanjung

For me, dessert is the best part for you to end your meal. You can have a variety of dessert from the taste, size and color. The dessert is not too sweet and if you have your visit to Belanga’s do not forget to try their “Kuih Lompat Tikam” Let me give you a tips, add more coconut milk than palm sugar!

Avocado Coffee.
It’s a mixture of fresh avocadoes and local coffee.

Nusantara Iced Blended.
I like this one and do not get cheated the black pearl is not bubble tea, but it’s pearl which contain a sweet and sour coffee sugar. It’s a fine selection of local coffee blend topped with coffee cue balls.

Lemon Grass.
Refreshing and not too sour. Very smooth and minty cool down the throat, tasteless but very lemongrassy fragrant. A special concoction of lemongrass extract, kaffir leaves, and squeezed lemon.

The goodies bag for the media. This is first time that I receive food in the goodies bag.

The people behind this event. Thanks to Aaron (red shirt) who invited us.

Group shot!

Clockwise: Little Monkey, Azrin, Rebbeca & Clara.

The Gardens Outlets,
Belanga Cafe,
Lot no, LG 230B,
The Gardens Midvalley City,
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